Floral Design

Botanica and Bloom strives to provide more than just basic blooms. We believe that floral artistry is just that, an art. Through colour, texture, shape and space, we showcase what a flower can really do and how together they can inspire your event. 

We work and design in a way that allows us to base our designs on the integrity of each bloom. Instead of working with a specific floral recipe that forces all arrangements to look the same, we practice an approach of artistry. Inspired by the natural shape, size, twists and turns of each stem, we allow our designs to be manipulated by its ingredients, rather than manipulated by us. This gives each piece it’s own life, balancing the other pieces in harmony. The end result is an organically curated collection of blooms.

We understand that not everyone is able to visualize how their wedding blooms will look based on a written description. To assist with this, we provide a free floral playbook that visually tells the story of your flowers. From the vibe to our wish list blooms and colour choices, our playbook is a customized guide to the selections of your floral art collection.

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