If you’ve been following the blog or social media, you’ll know that 2018 was a year of big changes for Botanica and Bloom and for myself personally. At the beginning of the year, I rebranded from Weddings Tied With Lace to Botanica and Bloom.  I loved my old brand but I often went back and forth about rebranding. My old brand was with me since I first started wedding planning back when I was only 22! With that though, I outgrew some of the more child-likeness of the brand. I also figured that since we had a big move coming, it was the perfect time to launch a new brand, before people got familiar with the old one.

I also decided that I was going to take on fewer weddings in 2018. Here’s the thing, planning weddings is a lot of work. Planning from start to finish requires me to dedicate enough attention to each of my clients. The fewer clients I take on means the more attention I have to give to each client, and each of my clients deserves that.

On top of my wedding planning and wedding blogging, I decided to expand my blog topics and write about all things lifestyle. This was huge for me. I’ve always wanted to write about more than just weddings, but I feared I would confuse my audience. I took the leap anyway and haven’t looked back since. I love being able to write about whatever is on my heart, recipes I’ve created and so many fun projects I’m able to share about now.

So, let’s dive in.

Billy and Sarah

vancouver wedding planner


2018 started with a very snowy February wedding. Billy and Sarah came to Niagara on the Lake from New Jersey, and a winter wedding is what they got. We used neutral tones with a hint of blue as their colour scheme. Her amazing lace dress against the dark wood ballroom at the Pillar and Post and whimsical greenery made their reception sparkle.


wedding flowers lantern centerpiece

winter wedding planner wedding

white and green winter wedding bouquet

– Ally Allison Photography

Kirsten and Eric

victoria weddings

A snow storm in February and the nicest, warmest day ever in March for Kirsten and Eric, also at the Pillar and Post. Kirsten and Eric were one of the few “month-of” services I take on. A few years ago, I planned the wedding of one of their bridesmaids. Because she was a friend of a client, and it was a March wedding, I was excited to help them manage their day.

wedding planner victoria

-Youngglass Photography

Nutrl Vodka

vodka soda

In May, I partnered with Nutrl Vodka. Oh my goodness these are the best pre-made vodka sodas you’ve ever tasted. Read the full post here to see why I love Nutrl Vodka so much!

Our Wedding!

wedding planner victoria


You guys, the next wedding was my own! I’m so thrilled to now be a wife to Jordan. I wrote about our planning process here if you want to read it. Our wedding day was 47 C, it was all outside, and under a clear span tent (which is basically greenhouse conditions). So yeah, it was H-O-T!


victoria weddings bride and groom boho wedding

wedding planner victoria wedding bride getting ready

bohemian victoria wedding

long floral centerpiece for table

wild looking wedding bouquet


-Ally Allison Photography


Social Marketing For Wedding Planners

wedding planner online course

In July, I launched my very first online course! It’s directed towards wedding planners who need help learning how to create content to reach their target audiences and/or planners who want to automate their social channels so they can focus more on their client work!

Lindsay and Bryan

weddings with peaches victoria

I loved working with Lindsay and Bryan! Lindsay’s family owns and operates a peach farm in NOT so she wanted to incorporate that somehow. I created a design proposal that included real, fresh peaches in the floral arrangements and it was magical. She wanted a rustic feel, so we chose the Pavillion at Club Roma.

fresh peach wedding bouquet

wedding florist victoria bouquets

wedding victoria


-Ally Allison Photography

August Stokes Guest Post

In August, I wrote my very first guest post for Stokes Stores. I wrote a guide on how to be like the French (regarding dinner parties).

french dinner party

french dinner party

french dinner party

Tricia and Selina

victoria wedding planner


Tricia and Selina had the sweetest intimate wedding at Cave Springs Vineyard and the Inn on the Twenty. Around 30 of their closest friends and family traveled all the way to Canada for this romantic getaway.

purple and white wedding bouquet victoria wedding florist

winery wedding victoria wedding planner

victoria wedding planner and florist

Ally Allison Photography

Mexico Conference

In September, WPIC brought me to Mexico to speak at their conference. I had such an amazing time, speaking about Social Media for Wedding Planners and of course, poolside drinks!

social marketing for wedding planners

wpic conference

grand moon palace mexico conference

September Stokes Guest Post

In September I wrote about how to host a fall harvest.

hot mulled cider recipe

Taylor and Wes

berry toned wedding flowers victoria wedding florist

Taylor was probably the funniest bride I’ve ever worked with! She rocked an edgy, yet romantic look. Black, burgundy and gold, velvet and sequins.  This wedding was a blast to help design and manage.

wedding florist berry toned bouquets victoria bc


-Bright Sky Weddings


Andree and Elias

emerald green wedding victoria bc wedding planner

-Carissa Didier Photography 

With my last wedding of Niagara, before moving to Victoria, BC I went out with a bang! Andree and Elias had BIG dreams when it came to every detail of their wedding and I was SO excited to make it happen for them. The best part about their wedding day (design-wise for me) was the installation of greenery we strung over the open courtyard! It was to die for. I’m all about natural looking elements and this looked so perfect, I was repeatedly asked if it was always there. With the amount of work that went into that, no, no it wasn’t!  Oh and this is the wedding where my hair caught on fire! Actually though.

victoria wedding planner simple wedding design

wedding planner victoria bristsh columbia

wedding greenery


Only a few weeks later, we drove across the country making our way to our new home, Victoria BC.

I also partnered with some amazing companies for our drive across.

ethical and sustainable canadian brands


natural canadian products

and I became a Brand Ambassador for Muttonhead

hiking with muttonhead

cross canada road trip

road trip canada

move across country

We moved into our new home and got settled…

rustic home decor


November Stokes Guest Post

In November, I wrote about how to host an effortless cocktail party, complete with a few unique appetizer recipes!

cocktail party tips

how to host a cocktail party

winter salsa

And we decorated for Christmas…

budget friendly christmas

You can see the whole post here.

December Stokes Guest Post

For December, I wrote about how to create a Whimsical Waffle Breakfast for Christmas morning.

christmas decor


Business Babes Collective

After only about a month here in Victoria, I guest spoke at the local Victoria Chapter of the Business Babes Collective. It was such a fantastic event, with great food and even better conversation!

meagan eagles - meagan murtonen guest speaker

victoria international marina event

wedding planning in victoria

I started a Youtube Channel!!

holiday party hair

And I’m pretty excited about it. You can check it out here.

I also partnered with SALT and have lot’s of exciting content planned, including this Video Tutorial and blog post on how to get holiday ready

In conclusion,

It’s been a busy, eventful year. It’s been an exciting, yet scary, full of ups and downs kind of year. It was definitely my best year personally. Career-wise, I had another year of truly incredible clients! The move has been tough, but in 2019 I look forward to being balanced and settled in our new home so that my business and our personal lives can continue to flourish.

I’m signing off until the New Year, to spend time with Jordan and Ollie, to refresh and relax and to explore our new home.  I’ll be back in 2019 with some new content for you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xo,


Ps. If you are having withdrawl, you can follow me over on Instagram during the Holidays!

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