Growing up and starting my business in Niagara, I quickly realized I was in what I would later call a “local destination wedding area”. That is, a destination that is only just a few hours away from where the couple lives. It’s easy enough to get to, but also far enough away from home that it feels like a true getaway. When I moved to Victoria and started to feel out the landscape here, I found that once again, I was in that sweet spot. But let’s talk about weddings in Tofino.

Weddings in Tofino are the perfect local destination wedding area for anyone on Vancouver Island, coming from Vancouver, and even the couples traveling just a bit further from places like Alberta, Washington and California.

I have been in Victoria for just over a year now, and hadn’t had the pleasure of exploring Tofino or what it had to offer. In hopes of learning more about weddings in Tofino, I reached out to Tourism Tofino who pointed me in the direction of the Long Beach Lodge Resort. My plan was to organize a wedding planner FAM (Familiarization Tour) with the Long Beach Lodge Resort in order to learn about their offerings and experience their service.

Let me tell you, we were not disappointed.

long beach lodge resort















Before I dive into the 3 day experience, I want to thank the team at Long Beach Lodge Resort. You guys, they were incredible! The Long Beach Lodge Resort was designed to feel like a home away from home. It certainly did that.

Day 1

Tofino Surfing

A couple of wedding planner friends and I drove up to Tofino early on Day 1 so we’d have a little extra time to experience the town of Tofino. I’m so glad we did! The drive itself took about 4hours and 30 minutes from Victoria, including a stop for construction along the way. Even though I get incredibly car sick (I think I am the only person in the world who gets car sick even when it’s me driving!), I found the drive very tolerable and just about the right amount of time before you start to get anxious with the “are we there yets”.

When we arrived, we made a quick stop at Tourism Tofino to pick up a Tofino Media Passport they had so graciously provided for me. This allowed us to explore some of the things to do in Tofino that we may not have known about otherwise.

Our first official stop was at Chocolate Tofino. Oh My God. Their chocolate is goooooood. They also regularly provide chocolates as favors and even gelato bars for weddings in Tofino. While I didn’t get to taste the gelato (it wasn’t exactly warm outside in November), it looked amazing and I’m told that it is.

weddings in tofino

Next up was the iconic Tacofino truck. I mean, can you even visit Tofino without eating at the Tacofino truck for lunch? My opinion is you should not.

tacofino tofino

We walked around town for a bit after that, checking out the little shops and curated goods. My favourite little shop is Merge, where I picked up this adorable pink, glass-blown travel mug. Coffee + Surf.

Upon checking into the Long Beach Lodge Resort we were met with so many goodies. Goodies when checking in at the front desk, goodies in our room from Tourism Tofino and truly just the goodness of the coziest little cottages they set us up in.

The cottages had all the things you’d want in a home away from home, a full kitchen, a master bedroom, a second bedroom, a soaker tub, a fireplace and best of all, a private hot tub just outside the door. You can also bring your dog too!


Our first event of the stay was a cocktail reception in the Great Room. I, of course, wasn’t drinking alcohol, but even my mocktail was amazing! We were served a bride and a groom’s cocktail and what I can tell you for sure is they disappeared quickly.

Day 2

Our second day started with a killer continental breakfast. Seriously, the best croissants I’ve ever had in my life. Soft and flaky but with a crunchy exterior. I wish I had one now!

After breakfast, we met for a wedding tour of Long Beach Lodge Resort. There are so many little gems hidden on the property, your wedding will definitely be magical. I don’t think anyone can argue that the best wedding location at Long Beach Lodge Resort is the patio overlooking the majestic waves and the beach. Not only can you have your ceremony here, but you can even have an outdoor dinner reception. Because they only have one wedding on the property per day, you’ll always have a Plan B backup space with the inside reception room.

long beach wedding

wedding planner tofino

As a designer, I also love knowing how easy it is to access the space and the amount of time we’ll be given to do so. There’s nothing worse than the venues that expect you to provide an entire elaborate wedding design with a start time of 4 pm. Eye roll, winky face? Seriously though, the possibilities of design become endless when you have a venue willing to accommodate your ideas and requests.

On day 2, we had a ton of free time. It was so nice to experience the property and even the town, just as one of our clients would. Some FAM tours keep us so busy, there’s no time to explore and experience for ourselves. A couple of us headed into town for lunch and ended up at Shelter. I had the best crispy chicken sandwich ever. I don’t know if it’s because I’m almost 9 months pregnant and all comfort food is SO good, or if Tofino just does it right. Going to put money on the second theory though.

This next part of the day, I’m extremely upset about. We were all offered a surf lesson, and I couldn’t participate. Not only can I imagine how hilarious it would be to try and put a wet suit over my belly, for obvious reasons, it wouldn’t be safe (or likely even possible) for me to surf. I did, however, manage to catch the rest of the girls just as they were done surfing. Some of them were really nervous going into the lesson, but every single one of them talked about how much fun they had. So pro tip: Get a surf lesson. 

surf club tofino

long beach resort surfing

The next and final part of the scheduled day was a family-style wedding dinner reception. The food was fantastic. You can tell the chef loves what he does and that really shines through in his food. We were also told by the staff how great and easy-going he is to work with. If you’ve never worked with chefs, let me tell you, sometimes it really is like Hell’s Kitchen or Cake Boss. Knowing that the chef in charge of your wedding is incredibly kind, goes a long way!

weddings in tofino

weddings tofino

Day 3

Our final day, we met for breakfast back in the Great Room. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, so let me just tell you how fantastic the view from the Great room is. It’s like 180 degrees of floor to ceiling ocean views. I’ve always been someone whose heart has been captured by crashing waves, and watching those waves each day definitely made my heart sing.

For breakfast, we were served a morning-after style brunch. Everything was so so good. I especially loved the eggs benny and the mini cinnamon rolls. <- To die for.

On our way out of Tofino, we made pit stops at Rhino Coffee and Common Loaf Bake Shop. I’m not going to lie, I ate my donut in the car. I did, however, manage to bring both of my desserts from Common Loaf bake home and thoroughly enjoyed them!

rhino coffee

tofino weddings

bakeries tofino

About Weddings in Tofino at Long Beach Lodge Resort

  • The lodge can host up to 50 people
  • They also have super sweet elopement and intimate wedding packages
  • While they feature a “one-stop-shop” approach, they are also flexible to other options and big ideas.
  • The couples wedding accommodations are included in the venue fee, as well as your BC commissioner’s fee.

Final Thoughts

The experience we were given while being hosted at Long Beach Lodge Resort was so perfect I can definitely say it’s an ideal location to host your weddings in Tofino. We wanted to experience the resort as if we were a wedding guest or one of our own couples and they did not disappoint. If you’re considering a wedding in Tofino, absolutely make sure you check out the lodge. With that being said, it can be challenging to host a wedding in a place where you do not live and maybe haven’t even been before. If you’re even just thinking about how a wedding planner can or could be beneficial to you, please do send me an email so we can chat about what those challenges look like and how we would address them.


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Meagan says:

Monday, January, 6, 2020

Thanks Sam! We all had such a great time! Hope to be back soon!

Sam says:

Thursday, January, 2, 2020

Thank you for your mention of us here at the Lodge! We had a fantastic time hosting you & the group at our gorgeous property. We love working with wedding planners and look forward to having you back here! If anyone has any questions about the Lodge, you can email us at [email protected] or ask your planner Meagan! Cheers to a blissful wedding season 2020! Sam & Events Department, Long Beach Lodge Resort

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Thursday, December, 12, 2019

Great ideas for a wedding