You guys, the last couple of weeks have been long and draining. It might sound exciting to drive across Canada, but moving in and out of a hotel room each day, with a puppy is a daunting task. We’re pretty much settled here in Victoria now, but it was four long days of unpacking and organizing. All I wanted to do was sit at my computer and write, but I cannot work in chaos. And chaos is what my new office/studio/spare bedroom was. I mean it sounds chaotic right? But alas, we’re about 98% organized and I can finally sit down to tell you about these life-saving products that made our trip better.

cross canada road trip

Canadian Essentials You Need To Take on Your Next Road Trip


natural canadian products

Sunday’s Company

Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how much I love Sunday’s Company. First off, Sunday’s Company is a plant-based apothecary with no additives or fillers. Melissa writes “I trust in the magic of our plant friends, as they hold the Earth’s energy within them, and it is my wish to offer you simple, sweet products that nourish your skin and spirit and enhance your self care practice.”

  1. Face Oil. This face oil has been very well-used during our trip. I found my skin especially parched, going through different weather patterns and elevations every day. Aside from applying after washing my face, I’d take a small amount, rub it in between my palms and gently press it into my skin during our car ride.
  2. Under Eye Remedy. It’s true I’m a sufferer of puffy eyes. Then add in dehydration and elevation levels. Oh my. This handy little roller was an amazing little massage I was able to give myself each day. Plus the remedy itself is packed with ingredients to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  3. Face Scrub. Best way to get rid of all that dry skin? Scrub it off of course. This Face Scrub is basically oats, flowers and clay. Yes please! Oh, and you can even leave it on a little longer for a brightening face mask.  Another bonus tip, mix it with the face oil for an even more luxurious treat!
  4. All-Purpose Salve– I used this salve as a moisturizing face mask, cuticle cream, hand cream, you name it. Unlike the moisturizing oil this salve doesn’t absorb as quickly, which I actually love for slathering on once we got settled in the hotel room.

Saje Wellness

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Saje Wellness. 100% plant-derived and so easy to implement into all areas of your life from self-care to home care.

  1. Travel Diffuser. My number one favourite little luxury we added to our trip was this travel diffuser. The first day of our drive I was actually hit with terrible allergies. Thank goodness for this diffuser and number two on my list. My allergies cleared right up that day. I also love having the ability to diffuse any of my favourite oils in the car or easily bring it up to our hotel room with us.
  2. Good Health Diffuser Blend. As I mentioned above, having all of these oils, but especially “Immune” was so handy on our trip. Another favourite is “stress release” which allowed me to chill out during my periods of car-sickness. Who am I kidding though, I love all of the oils in this set. “Liquid Sunshine” is a top favourite and gives your senses a little kick in the pants to wake up!
  3. Restoral Healing Skin Ointment. Even though this is a skin healing ointment, it’s also good for muscle aches. Great news since sitting in a car for 6-8 hours every day can tend to give you sore muscles. Having a natural product to help ease the tension was wonderful!

Cardea AuSet

From Cardea AuSet ” Our philosophy is based on the centering of femininity, and our inspirations were drawn from our understanding of agriculture and connection to Mother Earth.”   Yes please! I’m dying to try the whole line from Cardea AuSet, and make a routine with some of their Ritual items.

On our road trip, I used “Calm” religiously. Every morning after a shower, each night before bed and in the car when I was starting to feel nauseous. It’s also an amazing blend for meditation and/or yoga to help your mind relax and focus.


hiking with muttonhead

Muttonhead is a unisex 100% made in Canada brand. They design and manufacture right here in Canada. Their approach is that they are made for everyone.

  1. Sherpa Hoodie. This hoodie is SO soft and comfy. I wore it almost every day on our road trip! I wore an XS in these pics, but I’d probably size up next time. Though the XS did fit, I like my hoodies to fit just a little more roomy!
  2. Light Weight Toque. So I have this weird thing where a lot of touques make my neck feel super stiff. This toque however was perfectly warm without the weight.
  3. These warm socks! These socks are perfect for lounging around the house in! My feet are always freezing and I always have big comfy socks on !! The only downfall to these socks are that they are womens size 9-13 (because they are unisex and one size fits all). I have size 6 feet, so they’re a little loose on my tootsies.


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cross canada road trip



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