Oh COVID, you’ve done a number on the wedding industry. I bet if you’re reading this that either you or someone you know has had their wedding plans interrupted thanks to COVID.

It’s not alllll bad news though. So many incredible couples are making the best of the situation and turning their once dream wedding into a smaller version of that dream.

I know, it’s not your plan A. It sucks when you have to go to Plan B (or C or D, etc). But that doesn’t mean that Plan B can’t be as equally beautiful or meaningful.

Victoria wedding flowers
Photo by Britt Menze @MenzeVisuals

A smaller wedding means…


When you have a smaller wedding, it becomes more about you than about other people. Which is exactly how it should be. Less guests means less people you have to impress, move around/ make happy. It means you have more money to put into your intimate experience than you would have with a larger scale wedding.

Perhaps you already spent a lot of money reserving your vendors for Plan A? Work WITH your vendors on a solution that lets you use your agreed upon contract amount in a new way, or is they allow, for you to reduce in size.

Want to make a statement?

The one thing you need to make a statement at your wedding is this.

A floral installation.


Because it makes such a visual impact. It’s special and romantic. A piece of art. It will not only wow your guests during your ceremony, but frame you as you say your vows, creating a lasting impression. Sure, a flower doesn’t live forever, but photographs do.

A floral installation is the way you connect a physical object to the emotional energy of the wedding day. It’s the art that captures all the feelings of the day and soaks them up into a perfectly kept memory. It’s vision and connection and love wrapped up into a free-flowing statue of blooms.

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