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Would you believe me if I said I didn’t really care for Valentine’s Day? I mean, being a wedding planner and all… It’s true though. I could take it or leave it. The thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s such a commercialized holiday. People wanting and getting more. Rememeber the days of Valentines parties in school. Now those were fun. Getting to tell your friends how thankful you are for their friendship and reading little cards back from them while you ate all the treats. That’s kind of what it’s all about.

Gimme a bottle of red wine…

All I ever want for Valentine’s day is a bottle of red wine, maybe some good quality chocolate and my husband. I really don’t need anything more than that, and in fact would be happy just sharing a date night at home together (which would probably still include red wine!).


I’ve been more and more drawn to sustainable and ethical purchases. So for those who’s love language is giving or receiving gifts I wanted to put together a list of of gift items I think any woman would love. Even better is that all of the items on my list are from my favourite local store right here in Victoria! SALT Shop houses mostly Canadian-made, sustainable products. Even if you haven’t made the concious effort to buy sustainable, you’ll still love the brands here!


A Valentine’s Day classic. SALT features jewelery from Hart + Stone and Rhino Jewelery. Here’s a few of my favourites. Click the photo for a link to purchase!

salt shop salt shop


Nothing says I love you more than, I want your feet to be warm.

salt shop gifts

Mermaid Hair

How about the gift of soft, touchable mermaid hair? Yep, you can gift that.

For the Plant Lover

For the coffee lover

For the Adventurer


So, wouldn’t you be happy being on the receiving end of any or all of these gifts? I know I could put them all to such good use! Head over to SALT shop online or visit them on Fort Street if you’re here in Victoria!

And check out this holiday getting ready tutorial video I put together in partnership with SALT.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel if the video is something you enjoyed!

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