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The Deployment

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that my hubby leaves us in just 4 short days. It’s like I know it’s happening, but it doesn’t seem real. It will hit me hard the day he leaves and especially hard the next day, ha!

Everything happened so fast! It started as a joke, which led to a conversation, which turned into Jordan actually coming off of his parental leave early so he could deploy with a ship and section he loves.

With some long-term goals and the big picture in mind, we made the decision for Jordan to go.

It will be hard to be away from each other for so long, and especially hard for him to be away from Norah. It’s a relatively short deployment, as far as deployments go, with Jordan returning before Christmas.


Single-parenting for a while is going to be a challenge.

Norah and I pretty much have a routine as it is, but it’s nice to be able to hand her over to Jordan if I need a break, etc. Not having him here for that is going to be the biggest adjustment.

A big part of the reason for letting go of my wedding planning services was knowing that Jordan was going to be back at work and deploying. I want the time and space to focus on Norah. She deserves that.

The Business

Botanica and Blooms floral client list is flourishing. (See what I did there, ha!)

One of the best parts about doing florals-only is the extra time I have in my regular “work” days. With planning, I was at my computer all day, answering emails, contacting vendors, making timelines, etc. even when it wasn’t “wedding season”. With flowers, I typically have an email exchange, send a proposal, book the client and then the work is done until the wedding week. Since I work from my home studio, it’s easy for me to get a lot of the work done during nap time

Anyways, the way I have restructured my business allows me the space to step away from my computer if I want to. It gives me time to work on my marketing and not just work “in” the business. And, I even have time to dig back into my blogging roots.

I hope to spend some time bringing my blog back to life, with different lifestyle aspects like recipes, mamahood, local life here on the island, etc.

Goal Planning

I think the only way to get through the next few months sanely is to have my own goals to focus on.

I’m no stranger to goal planning, but they’ve also been kind of on the back burner since having Norah. Kind of just being in the day, instead of working towards something.

My goals for the next 4 months

  • Lose the baby weight. I’ve been steadily (but slowly) losing the weight. I know only because of the pre-pregnancy clothes I’m slowly fitting back into here and there. I started a trial with Noom, which I’m debating whether or to keep going with. I’ve also started a trial of the Les Mills Online workouts. I used to be a Goodlife member and these were always the best group classes! So far, I’ve done one of these workouts each day, and I’ve followed my Noom plan. In the 6 days I’ve been doing it, I’ve lost 3 lbs. My goal is to be back at 125 lbs.
  • Start blogging again. I stopped blogging so much so I could focus solely on building my business up here in Victoria. Now that it’s COVID, and I’m somewhat established, I want to get back into it, just because I love to write and I love to share and support other businesses! I was always torn as a wedding planner if my blog should be solely about wedding planning or if it could include other content. And if I included other content, what was something that attracted the right audience. As a floral-only service though, I don’t think anyone is coming to my blog for wedding advice specifically and feel that, I can write about anything and people will still be interested in hiring me for flowers if that’s what they came for!
  • Dig into my brand and work on some workflows and client touchpoints and experiences.
  • Work on a lot of the back end and marketing areas of my business. Now that I’ve transitioned to floral-only, I have some things to change and update.
  • Save allllll the money. Ha! But actually. While Jordan is away, my goal is going to be paying off all of our credit card debt and what not so we can work on saving for a house. If you live in Victoria, you know that’s not a small feat!

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