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I’ve lost 10 lbs! It’s been about a month since I decided it was time to get serious about my baby weight loss journey. It’s exhilarating to feel like I’m starting to feel like I’m back in MY body.

Truthfully, I’ve never struggled with weight loss. I’ve never been on a journey to lose weight. I was blessed with a small frame and never cared about being perfectly fit.

I was for awhile though. Working from home and being single, I needed a social outlet and for me, that was the gym. I used to go every day for no purpose other than to get out of the house. One day I was trying on clothes and realized how much weight I actually lost only because I was now fitting into a size I had never been before.

If only it were so easy

Oh how I wish it were that easy now! No longer single, a baby to care for and COVID, getting to the gym so often would be a challenge. I’m still nursing, so that burns it’s own calories, but I also have a sweet tooth which cancels those calories out, ha!

So I’ve made the conscious decision to get serious about my body, but in a way where I don’t really feel the impact.

I’m eating with intention. Choosing foods that fit into my Noom “budget”, and walking daily.

More about Noom

I started a free trial of Noom to see what it was all about. It’s essentially a calorie counting app, but more specific. There’s no restrictions on what you can or cannot eat.

With Noom, they focus on the psychology behind why we eat what we eat and really how to be intentional with what we are eating.

There are 3 categories of food; green, yellow and red. Red doesn’t mean “bad” food, it simply means that those foods are less dense in nutrition based on the amount of calories. Here’s a quick list of what food falls into the different categories.

The List
Noom food list

I’ve personally been eating a lot of grilled or baked chicken, grilled steak, baked potatoes with veggies, watermelon (so good right now), peaches (also so good in season!), etc.

I still eat pasta, though I’m often substituting with whole grain, which fits into the green category! That being said, regular old white pasta is a yellow food, so there’s still a lot of room in my daily budget to enjoy that. I drink wine, it’s a red food.

With Noom, it teaches you to find the balance of these foods. Once you do it for a bit, it just starts to become second nature.

Here’s a secret about Noom. They want you to pay up front for 4 months. Nope. Couldn’t do it. I mean, it’s great that I want to lose this weight now, but what if I fall off the wagon and then it’s like that episodes of friends. You know the one where Chandler wants to cancel his gym membership but he can’t, so Ross goes in with him. And then Ross ends up signing up. Yeah I didn’t want that to be me with Noom.

So anyways, if you go to cancel the membership before the free trial ends, it asks you why. When you select that it was too expensive, or you wanted to pay monthly, it provides you with that option and at a discounted price. Score!

I decided to pay for the month, because with the trial I was already about 4 lbs down. I wanted to see what else I could accomplish if I stuck with it.

As I mentioned, I’m now 10lbs down from where I was only a month ago!


Realistically, it’s hard for me to find time to do a real workout. I mean it’s definitely possible, but it takes some real prioritizing on my part to get it in. If I want to do a real workout, it has to be during nap time. Nap time is the only time I have to do alllllll the things I want to do. If I choose to workout, it’s putting that first. That’s ok once in a while, but I mean, this girl has other things to do!

For me, the best thing I have found is going on a long walk. With Norah in her carrier, I’m able to walk Ollie much more easily. Having my hands free rather than on the stroller makes the entire process so much more enjoyable.

Not only is it good because I get all of my steps in, and my “fat burn” for the day, but it’s great for my mind. Being stuck in the house with a baby and a crazy dog all day can make for a longgggg day. Getting out and walking is good for us all!

What’s next…

I’d like to lose another 12 lbs. So I’m going to continue to be mindful of what I eat, keep making a daily walk my goal, but also being intentional with that. There was a day this past week where I just felt tired. Tired from all of the long long walks, mentally tired, etc. So I listened to my body and took a break. And you know what, I didn’t stop losing weight.

A note about focusing in on your goal.

I think it’s challenging but important not to become obsessed with losing weight. It’s great to have a goal and to work hard towards it, but we still also have a life to live. Don’t get so preoccupied in counting your calories, that you let the good moments pass you by. Go to a friends house and enjoy a nice dinner, have the extra glass of wine, go for the long walk because you want to be out in nature and not because you’re solely counting steps.

When your friends and family are standing at your casket, they’ll be talking about their memories of living life with you. No one is going to be standing there saying, “yeah but she worked so hard to be a size 2”.

Find the balance. Make intentional choices, do things with a purpose, enjoy your life. It’s the only one you have to live.

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