Slow mornings with baby

My favourite way to start the morning is slowly. Sound simple right? No jumping out of bed, no rushing, no multi-tasking, or jumping right into a task.

It was simple, before my schedule revolved around my tiny human. Now, mornings can quickly turn into chaos rather than stillness.

So what’s a girl to do when all she wants is to drink her coffee, butt on couch but has a baby who doesn’t want to sit still?

Well, we’ve kind of fallen into a groove lately that allows some morning peacefulness.

What our mornings typically look like.

Norah usually wakes up around 7. Since Jordan is gone, there’s no reason for me to be up before 7. Norah is still waking throughout the night and I’m in no condition to purposely wake up before her. Once she starts sleeping throughout the night, meaning I do as well, I’d like to intentionally wake up early to give myself that time.

In the meantime, when she wakes up, I wake up. I nurse her in the rocking chair in her room, which gives me a little extra time to wake up before having to be “on”.

Once we’re done that, we do a quick diaper change. Then I plop her in her jumper while I make the coffee, feed the dog and let him outside. I usually get about 5 minutes once the coffee is in my cup, to sit quietly before Norah is done with her jumper.

At almost 8 months old, she gets bored so easily. When she starts to get bored, I hand her toys/teether to play with, which usually buys me a few minutes at a time. I may even bribe her with a little rice husk snack, which is a sure way to guarantee a little extra time for “me”.

Staying Intentional

It’s easy to feel like I’m not getting the stillness I crave, when I’m constantly handing her a new toy, or picking the current one up off the floor. This stage is temporary and I just have to remind myself to make the most of the time I do get.

Here are some tips that help make my mornings feel “nicer” and more aligned with my ideal kind of day.



  • I loveeeeee the smell of a good incense stick. Something that reminds me of cozy fall days, especially in the cool mornings or months.


  • Not every day is going to be the perfect mix of stillness and playfulness. Give yourself and your baby some grace if it doesn’t go according to plan.

Give in

  • If there are days when your baby is just not having it, then let her have you. Some mornings I just really need that time to wake up and get clear on my day before I jump into being the absolute best mama I can be. But sometimes those same days are the ones where Norah needs me the most. The days where her teeth are bothering her, or the days where she doesn’t want to play but she doesn’t want to snuggle either. It’s okay to say “fuck it” and let the day you’ve planned in your head turn into a go with the flow kind of day. You’ll find a new kind of stillness in surrendering.

Your own kind of stillness

Maybe you only get 5 or 10 minutes of quiet in the morning, maybe you’re able to get up early and give yourself an hour. You might be one of those moms with babies who are so content also being still. Whatever the circumstances, find what “slow morning” means to you and then be intentional during that time.

What are your favourite ways to add slowness to your mornings? How do you find stillness with a baby? Let me know!

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