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Did you catch the end of the title to this post? That’s right, I’m just about to finish up my first trimester! Jordan and I are excited and humbled to welcome our little one this December! To add on to the big year of changes right? Marriage, the move, a baby, oh my!

And December couldn’t be a better time for baby to arrive, since it’s not anywhere near the start or finish of wedding season, phew! Since I’m self-employed an actively building my business back up here in Victoria, it makes sense for Jordan to take the full 9 month pata and for me to continue to grow my business. The perfect partnership.

diy wellness retreat

Feeling Human

I’m so glad I’m feeling like a human being again. Luckily, there was “only” a few weeks of just complete, utter exhaustion, a little nausea, and some headaches. After DIYing myself a cozy little Wellness Retreat, I started to feel more like myself. If you have the time to put aside, you can do all of this in one day to really reap the benefits. If you’re not feeling up to organizing an entire day or you can’t spare the time, you can definitely take parts of this wellness retreat and do them when you can!

Saje Wellness

I teamed up with my favourite Canadian Wellness store, Saje Wellness to bring you (in my opinion) the best pregnancy-approved wellness products.

Running a Business

One of the hardest parts of the first trimester for me was knowing I had so much work I wanted to do for my business but not having enough energy to get off the couch. All I wanted to do was nap, all-of-the-time.  Because of this, I felt guilty and my head felt heavy and full and confused. I had all these thoughts just swirling around in a brain fog, unsure of how to process them.

Here’s how I broke my day down into different wellness sections to get myself feeling more like myself and ready to roll.

Morning Meditation

When I’m the most productive when I start my morning with quiet time and space to think. A lot of people think meditation is hard because they are trying to hard not to think about anything. For me, meditation is just a time to be still and organize my thoughts as they come to me. It’s about pushing aside things like what should I have for breakfast to give my mind the space for great ideas.

I love to wear my Adore Aromatherapy Necklace during meditation because I get a subtle hint of my favourite oils plus the rose quartz speaks directly to the heart and encourages feelings of personal fulfillment and contentment.

Eating a Healthy (but Tolerable Meal)

Ok mama’s, we all want to eat what’s best for baby but sometimes all we can stand to eat is toast with butter. Do what’s best for you each day. Eating white toast and pasta with butter all day is better than not eating at all. Plus unless you want waves of nausea, you’ll need to keep your belly full! If you’re feeling better though, make sure you’re eating foods with lot’s of iron and folate, and also foods rich in fatty acids, like avocado. You know, eat your protein, fats and carbs.


wellness in pregnancy

Getting off the couch was tough, never mind leaving the house to go to a yoga studio. I created space in my office where I could lay out my mat, put on a youtube prenatal yoga video and do my thing.

To create the perfect little yoga studio environment, I first make sure my space is tidy and clutter free. It’s hard to get into the zone if all you can see is clutter.

Next, I plug my darling little Aroma Gem Ultrasonic Diffuser in with few drops of my “Yoga” essential oil blend to purify and release negative ions into the air. (Side note: this is THE BEST diffuser I’ve ever owned. The amount of mist that comes out of this diffuser is exactly what I had hoped it would be.)

Lastly, I spray my mat with the “Yoga” Antibacterial Spray to keep it clean and bacteria free and smelling SO FRESH. It’s by far one of my favourite smells ever. Pro tip: I even spray it on my fabric around the house that can’t be easily washed, like our couch, chairs, shower curtain, etc. It keeps our dog-friendly house fresh and clean.


Here’s one of my favourite prenatal yoga videos to follow.


A way for me to get all of those “brain-fog-thoughts” in order is to journal. Don’t know where to start? Just start. I’ll often start with how I’m feeling, how I wish I was feeling, what I need to do to get me from point A to point B and then I just continue to write on until I have nothing left to say. Often the results are a jumbled mess of thoughts, but that’s ok, it’s not a book I’m publishing.

A Hot Bath

pregnancy bath

Oh my goodness, a hot bath is my favourite way to relax at the end of any day! More now than ever though. I’ve been struggling with restless leg syndrome at night and one of the only things that seems to help is a hot Epsom salt bath. I guess one theory is that RLS is caused by lack of magnesium, so soaking in it is a way to absorb it into your body.

Ps. Having too hot of a bath can have adverse effects on your growing baby. Make sure to keep the water around 100 F or under!

Lighting a candle like “Silence” keeps the atmosphere relaxing and calm. It has notes of lavender and sage and it’s just dreamy. Also, Saje promotes reusing the glass container for plants or other uses. What makes my bath even more special is adding a squeeze of this Mother’s Wellness Stretch Mark Blend Oil into my bath.  It’s moisturizing and smells so faintly sweet.

The oil adheres to your skin, so it’s the perfect time for a self-massage!

Before getting out of the bath, I dip my Crystal Fresh Deodorant Stick in the bath and apply. The natural deodorant uses mineral salts to neutralize bacteria! And n0 aluminum, yes please!

Huge PPS here. Make sure you rinse out your tub so it’s not slippery when the next person gets in!


This really needs its own paragraph. The headaches I was getting were intolerable. Just flat pain across my forehead and down into my neck. It got to a point where both sides of my neck felt as stiff as a board. Using the Mothers Wellness oil, I laid my head down so I could use more force and gently but firmly loosened the muscles in my neck which finally, after a few weeks released the tension in my head. The oil allowed me to glide over the muscles rather than just pull at them.

Our bodies are changing and with that, we’re tired and sore more easily.  Combat it will a full body self massage, starting with your shoulders, down to your feet and back up to your neck and head.

Keeping it all handy

I have so many Saje products, so keeping them all together is important to me. This adorable little bag is the best place to store everything, plus there’s a little section for housing your rollerballs. Before I was pregnant the Saje Peppermint Halo was my very best friend for headache relief. It’s advised not to use peppermint during pregnancy though as they “say” it can cause the uterus to relax which could cause miscarriage. Better safe than sorry. But it’s being store so nicely until December when I can use it again!

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