‘Tis the season for cozy. That’s why I recently upgraded this rather blank wall into a fireplace feature wall. Bonus, it’s all removable! Being mindful about our space being a rental, I had to choose items that could come off the wall as easily as they went up.

Here’s the list of supplies I used.

Total Cost $317!

diy fireplace wall


  1. Put your wallpaper up on the wall. Make sure it’s level at the top so when you roll it out, it’s straight! Roll in small amounts so you can ensure a smooth application with no kinks. Continue until you get to the bottom. Make sure the paper is tight in the corner where your wall meets the trim. Use an exacto knife to cut.
  2. Build your mantel. Make your cuts. I suggest not using a circular saw if you want straight cuts, ha! Make your wood look reclaimed using a hand planer, and both sides of a hammer. Use an orbital sander to sand down an rough edges or wood splinters. Wipe down, stain, dry. Use contact cement to adhere the pieces of wood together to create your box. Use clamps to keep the pieces tight while it dries. My clamps didn’t fit all the way around, so I used a couple of heavy books in some parts.
  3. Put your floating shelf brackets on the wall. Hang mantel.
  4. If your fireplace isn’t already on the wall like mine, hang this now too 😉

That was a very quick run through of the steps, so watch the video for more detail and for my tips and tricks at the end.

diy fireplace on a budget

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