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It’s no secret that Jordan and I love hosting company.  However, hosting company can also be a lot of work, even when it’s planned! Clean the house, prep the food, be entertaining, wash the dishes, clean the house all over again. Exhausting right? That’s the work you put into hosting planned events. So how do you keep your home in a more ready state to make hosting easier or ready for guests that just pop by? Well firstly, download this FREE guide of Hosting Principles that will help you create a flawless event. 👈

Keep a clean and tidy house

Pretty self-explanatory right? If you keep your house in a tidy-state at all times, when it’s time to clean, you can actually do that. Rather than tidying up your house and putting things away before you can wipe the counters or clean the floors, you can skip part of the job.

Sweep the floors and wipe your counter and bathroom surfaces daily. It’s a lot easier to do a quick deep clean before guests arrive than it is to wipe down stains that are a week old. Plus if guests decide to drop by, your house will already be in an acceptable condition to invite them in for a coffee or glass of wine.

Have pets? Invest in a Roomba. Seriously. It’s so nice to be able to put this on once (or sometimes twice) a day to pick up all of Ollie’s hair. And I can work while it’s vacuuming so I don’t have to take extra time out of my day.

Have something on hand that you can serve

Did someone just drop by and you don’t know what to serve? Consider keeping fresh baked muffins or cookies in the freezer. While you put on a pot of coffee, you can reheat the baked goods in the oven. Maybe you had someone drop in during the evening? Keeping a jar of red pepper jelly in the fridge is a quick snack to serve with cream cheese and crackers.


Keep a variety of teas, coffee and a bottle of red and white wine “for company”.


When your home decor reflects your personal style, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing your home with others. Consider small touches like these adorable printed napkins (dinner or cocktail), & lampshades, or go big with a wall mural.

Overnight guests

Whether you hosted a party and you now have some unexpected overnight guests or an out-of-town family member showed up out of nowhere, you can be prepared by always having a set of clean sheets available.

Psssst. Don’t forget to download your free Hosting Principles Guide for a flawlessly executed event. 👈

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