Brunch is one of my favourite meals to eat. I mean hello champagne, eggs benny and sweets, am I right? You know what’s even better than going out for brunch? Hosting it yourself. No really, I swear! Brunch recipes might seem a little fancy and over the top but they don’t have to be! You can plan to host brunch in your own home while making the table look even prettier than if you were out. Plus when you host brunch, you don’t have to worry about having to wait for a table because you couldn’t make a reservation or having to leave too early because someone else needs your table. There are actually so many benefits for you to host brunch rather going out. My last point will be that you can actually control what goes into your food. If brunch was even just a little bit healthier, wouldn’t you indulge more often?

how to host brunch


Tips for Hosting an Effortless Brunch

Set the Vibe

When you’re hosting any event, the first thing you should do is set the vibe. For this brunch, I wanted to create a lively, but intimate setting. It was just a few close friends but I wanted them to feel welcomed and taken care of. To do this, I planned a pretty tablescape, provided a few options for food, created a signature drink, had espresso available and fresh flowers on the table.

Create the Perfect Tablescape

  • Choose the perfect tablecloth. I love a good true linen that’s softened a bit so it just falls so perfectly and simply.
  • Break out your fancy dishes. If there is a time to use your good china or just pretty plates you have… it’s brunch.
  • Use fresh flowers to liven up the table. Tulips are a great option this time of year and they won’t break your bank to get them from the grocery store.
  • Set the table so it’s easy for people to eat and drink what they want without having to get up.

Save time and effort

Serve food that can be made ahead or in batches to save you effort and time, leaving you more available for your guests.

Oven Eggs Benny

The menu

When creating a menu for your brunch, try to incorporate a variety of brunch favourites.

The menu for our brunch was:

  • Batch-made Oven-baked Eggs Benny
  • Baked old fashioned donuts with white chocolate glaze.
  • Waffles, served with maple syrup, whipped cream and fruit.
  • Mocha- Marbeled Banana bread
  • Side of bacon, because duh.
  • Fresh Berry and orange salad
  • Coco-orange Amaretto Sprtizer (recipe here)
  • Espresso

Tools I used to make this brunch:

I love Canadian Tire for kitchen supplies! Not only do they have amazing brands, they almost always have a great sale!

My most favourite Canadian Tire purchase was our Ninja Multi-Serve Coffee Bar. It makes full pots, half pots and multiple sizes of individual coffees, espresso, iced coffee AND has a foamer attached for lattes. Not only does it do allll that, it literally makes the best coffee (for the price).  We really started noticing the difference when we got ours and compared it to the coffee we would drink at my parents. Ps. they noticed the difference too, so they now also have a Ninja coffee bar!

My close-second favourite purchase from Canadian Tire was the Ninja 1500W Blender system. The blender makes smoothies so well and the food processor has been a god-send. I’ve used it to whip up so many marinades, sauces, etc.

Other tools I purchased from Canadian tire for this brunch was:

This Donut Pan

This Frying Pan 

These Espresso Cups

The Recipe

Batch Oven-Baked Eggs Benny

Oven Eggs Benny


host brunch


Want more brunch recipes? Stay tuned for the Mixed Berry Salad, and  Marbled Mocha Banana Bread!

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