We’re about 1 week away from Christmas Eve, so I think I can officially say it’s the Holidays now. I at least feel like it is anyways. I am so excited to announce not one but TWO new things that happened this month. And they’re pretty big, are you ready? 👇

holiday self care

Number one

I started a new partnership with SALT shop. It’s a cute little store here in Victoria, but they actually originated on Salt Spring Island. Not from the Island? No problem,  you can shop online. And you’re going to want to shop online. Not only is pretty much every item in their shop adorable, but they are also locally made and sustainable!

From SALT,

“You’re an adventurer. Whether that means you are chasing mountain tops, or conquering a complex farm-to-table recipe, you make every moment count. You find satisfaction in the process. You know that slowing down doesn’t mean letting up. Taking the time to be mindful creates a life full of details. You don’t just live, you experience.

Everything in your life needs to transition from work to hiking to camping and back. When you pick up the items in your home, whether it’s a well-crafted organic bamboo tee or a lovingly crafted pillow, you can feel the weight of quality. You’re home isn’t cluttered, it’s intentional. You need products that can keep up, that can last as long as you do. We get that.”

If that isn’t me in a nutshell, I don’t know that is! This shop speaks to me and that’s why I’m so very excited to share them with you!

Number Two

I started a Youtube Channel!

You guys, I’ve been wanting to start a channel for so long, but I wasn’t sure how to do it, what I was going to film, or even how to start. But now, it’s happened. And I have my first video on there now. (hint, you’ll find it in this post).

But I have a BIG ask for you all. Since I literally just started my channel, I have no subscribers. It’s actually kind of sad. If you enjoy my content, would you pretty please subscribe to my channel? I would be so grateful.

Here’s a little about what I’ll be sharing; video recipes,  hosting advice, wedding tips, DIY videos, tutorials of all kinds.

How to get Holiday Ready

I love getting dressed up. Taking the time to do my hair and makeup and choosing an outfit with all of it’s accessories is one of my favourite things to do. I’ve always been interested in fashion, though I rarely show my outfits or talk about what I’m wearing. And though I am a certified hair and makeup artist, since closing that business and moving on to a larger portion of the wedding day, I don’t often talk about beauty either. That’s why I’m so excited for this Youtube channel! I can share every piece of what I love and what I’m knowledgeable about!



A little prep work

The holidays deserve a little extra self-care. It’s not just so we look our best, but also so we feel our best. (Ps. Download my free self-care bucket list here)

victoria bc

I started with this Moroccan Tangerine Masque which claims to be moisturizing, protecting, rejuvenating, and firming. This masque was delightful, It has the most luxurious texture going on. After the mask, I noticed my skin was brighter and tighter looking. The Shea butter in the masque gave my skin the perfect prime before applying makeup.

Next up, I used the most delicious lip masque. Like literally, it was delicious. It was also super exfoliating and moisturizing. So if you can actually resist licking it off your lips, you’ll see smoother, more plump lips when you’re done!

Lastly, in my little bit of extra self-care, I did a hair steam with this hair masque. If you want glossy mermaid hair, this masque is for you!

And since it’s Christmas and all, pour yourself this Winter Satsuma Orange Manhattan to sip on as you get ready!

To steam hair…

  1. Pump a few squirts of hair masque into your palms. Comb it through your dry hair with your fingers until hair is saturated. (When you apply conditioning product to dry hair, it allows the hair to absorb more of the product because it’s not already filled with water).
  2. Dampen a hair turban or towel.
  3. Place it in a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 2 minutes.
  4. Carefully (it’s going to be very hot!), twist and wrap your hair with your towel. Bonus: Cover with a shower cap to trap the steam.
  5. Sit for 30 minutes.

The steam helps the masque penetrate your hair, allowing the masque to soak in more deeply.

Blow out tips:

After washing your hair, give it a good blow out.

  • Use a hair dryer that isn’t too heavy. It’s a lot on your arms to lift your dryer over your shoulders. You’ll feel a lot better with a lighter dryer.
  • Use a ceramic round brush that allows you to add tension and control. This will help you keep the frizz down.
  • Finish off your hair by turning your dryer to a low, cool heat setting to add shine and reduce flyaways.

Makeup Tutorial

holiday ready

  • Apply moisturizer on to your face
  • With a foundation slightly lighter coloured than your face, use a brush to “paint” your foundation under your eyes, in the center of your forehead, along your temples, the tip of your chin, around the creases of your both and down the bridge of your nose. This gives a more natural looking highlight.
  • Using that same colour, blot any blemishes you may have.
  • With a foundation that matches your skin, apply just a little bit to your entire face to blend in.
  • In the spirit of keeping things more natural looking, I like to use a darker colour powder to contour along (the underside of) my cheekbones, the top of my forehead, my jawline and the sides of my nose. This adds shadows and structure to your face.
  • Smiling big, find the apples of your cheeks. Apply a medium-dark coloured blush and blend upwards to the top of your cheekbones. Put a little dusting on your forehead to balance out the colour.


  • On eyelids primed with foundation, start by applying a light almost skin coloured (white, champagne or bronze depending on your skin tone) to the entire base of your lid, up to under your brows.
  • Next apply a medium colour halfway across your lid. Blend with a larger brush.
  • In the crease apply a dark colour. Use your judgment based on the look and wow factor you are going for. Use a brush to blend that into your lid and even up a little.
  • I’m not really an eyeliner-wearing person, but if you are, this is when you’d add your liner. I like to stick to the top only when applying liner. It helps define the shape of your eye this way and bottom liner often makes our eyes look smaller.
  • Fill in your brows. Use powder, pencil or gel to fill in your brows, depending on your preference. Don’t skip this step! Eyebrows define your face and really make a difference in photos. Since it’s the holidays, you’re likely going to be in photos!
  • Finish your eyes with mascara.


  • Red lips! Since we applied a relatively natural look to the rest of our face, let’s add a pop of colour with some red lips. I used a cream lip stain which I applied with the tube and then blended into my lips with the tip of my finger.

christmas eve look

Hollywood Curls

  • Take a section of hair and spritz it with a humidity-proofing spray.
  • Gently pull hair taught and just touch the top of your hair with your iron, smoothing out any flyaways you may have.
  • About halfway down your section of hair, wrap your hair around the barrel of your curling iron. Hold for a few seconds.

holiday party hair

  • Release and gently pull the section of hair with your fingers to elongate your curl.
  • Twirl your fingers around your section of hair, moving your finger on a direction towards the back of your head.

christmas party hair how to

  • Complete section by section until your hair is curled.
  • Gently brush out our curls, just barely running the brush through your hair, on the underside of your hair, and at the top down.
  • Fix any pieces with the curling iron and adjust with your fingers.
  • Use a hair gloss or oil to perfect your curls and give your hair extra shine.
  • Spray with hairspray to set.


My Christmas Party Outfit

christmas even outfit

Firstly, this dress from SALT shop is amazing. It’s the perfect dress to wear everyday or dress up and get fancy with.  This dress is 66% bamboo | 28% cotton | 6% spandex, so yeah, it’s comfy!

I fancied this dress up with a velvet belt I tied into a bow. I placed the belt under my bust, rather than around my waist. This dress has such a pretty swing effect, I didn’t want to lose that by tying the belt too low.

The velvet tie matches the velvet shoes I wore. What’s more holiday-inspired than textured velvet?

hex necklace

Lastly, to accessorize this dress, I chose a simple yet statement-making hectagon jewelry set from SALT. Against the black dress, the pieces were able to shine as uncomplicated, elegant adornments that they are.

how to dress up everyday dress

So to wrap it up:

Please, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. It would mean the world to me!

Visit SALTshop.ca to see the amazing products they sell!

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Christmas tutorial

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