Shopping and supporting local, ethical and sustainable brands is not a new concept to me. However, now more than ever, our local shops and businesses need our help. COVID-19 has the potential to completely devastate businesses and industries, making it impossible for small businesses to survive.

Today I’m featuring a shop that is local to Victoria’s downtown core, but can also be shopped throughout Canada. While they don’t have an online shop, they do ship nationally, and internationally if you send them a message on Instagram letting them know what you want to buy.

Last week I received the best sweater-dress ever. I mean it. I dubbed it the #stayathomedress because it’s SO comfy yet still stylish and cute. You could go from lounging around watching Netflix all day, to drinks outside on your patio and even for running errands to grab your essentials. And it has pockets.

clothes for moms

It’s also a really great dress for new mamas as it’s hides that little bit of belly that’s still left over from pregnancy and you can breastfeed or pump in it!

The owner of Folk actually has 5 kids. Yes, 5! So you can imagine she’s always busy and was also always in a transitional state of being pregnant or nursing, and then the cycle all over again. She wanted clothes that fit well and looked elegant. It’s so easy to feel frumpy when your body just isn’t the body you are used to, and is always changing. So she set out to find clothes for moms that weren’t your average leggings.

I appreciate this so much. I’ve always been someone who loved to put together outfits and always felt really great in my own skin. That changed after I gave birth. I didn’t feel like me, but after finding some clothes that supported my new body (ahem wider hips), I felt more like my old self. That being said, I spend about 90% of my time at home with Norah (100% of it now with COVID-19), so being comfy is equally if not more important than looking good. I have 3 dresses from Folk and a sweater and I can honestly say that I could wear every piece all day long and not need to change. Two of the dresses I could totally wear to bed.

Super cozy, stylish pieces that make you feel like a minimal goddess. Seriously, you have to check them out!

There was only ONE of these dresses the last time that I checked, but there’s so many great pieces still available including really similar dresses in charcoal grey.

Like these:

OK, so! If you’re looking to help support a local business, plus you want to be the comfiest version of yourself while still feeling like a human being who socializes (even if it’s virtually), then definitely check out FOLK.

stylish clothes for moms



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