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This Christmas

If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, you’ll know that Jordan and I were married in June of this year, and we had a big move across the country from Niagara, Ontario to Victoria, BC.  If you’ve planned a wedding before or are currently in the process, you know the expense that goes into paying for a wedding. Though our move was paid for by the military, I’m presently not bringing in my own income. Sigh. It’s been extremely stressful. There’s been tears and arguing and evenings where we don’t talk to each other. But this is just a season we’re in together.

You guys, my husband is the most supportive man. When I sit on the floor and tell him how I feel like allllll the hours of work I’ve put in don’t even matter because it’s not equating to direct income, he reminds me that building a business and a customer base in a new city takes time. I’m the one that told him that. Instead of him telling me to go find a job, he’s suggesting new ideas for different streams of income. So the next day, I sit back down at my desk and work my butt off with behind-the-scenes business tasks, marketing efforts and I continue to claw my way into this market and into the other dreams that I have.

But why am I talking to you about our struggles, especially in this “Holiday” post? Because this is it right now. This is our season. So I could pretend that I just moved across the country and oh look at me and all of this business I’ve already acquired. Or I can be real. I choose to always be authentic, even if that means being vulnerable.

The reason I’m telling you about this part of my heart is that I know there are other people in this season too. If sharing our truth helps just one person, it’s worth it.

But what does it have to do with the holidays?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because of the above, our budget for this Christmas is much lower than usual. But friends, decorating for the holidays makes my heart sing. Looking at the cozy Christmas decor and twinkling lights gives me the warm and fuzzies. Obviously, I couldn’t just go out and buy new decor for a new house. Instead, I thought of ways to use items I already had on hand. I came up with ideas I could make that would look store-bought.

Our home tour

And so, here is a look inside our home, halls decked. ?


christmas decor budget

I wanted to keep our entryway very simple and clean looking. A minimalistic garland was strung over our family sign for a little touch of holiday cheer.

Ps. want to make that garland? You can download the FREE full tutorial here and you can watch the quick video below!

Our Holiday Corner, AKA “Living Room”

christmas decorations

I say corner, because this is pretty much the most decorated corner of the entire house. It features our tree, holiday pillow and blanket area, trees and villages, another simple garland and some hand made ribbon bows.

holiday home decor

And these trees ?, you can watch the video here ? or download the FREE full tutorial here.


Christmas crafts


wedding planner christmas

Simple satin ribbon, tied into bows make our photo wall festive and a Christmas album on the record player had be dancing around.

Stokes stores

I’m just in LOVE (ha!) with these holiday-inspired pillows from Stokes! 

christmas recipes

And these mugs (also from Stokes) make the perfect vessel for a latte- especially Eggnog Lattes! Marble tray also from stokes.

If you’re a candy lover like me, you can find the recipe for those Chocolate peppermint cups, here. Also in the FREE ebook are peanut butter cups,  and salted caramels. 

minimal holiday decor


So that’s our holiday decor. Our home is just the right amount of cozy and festive. And this season we are in? To quote a couple of cliches, this too shall pass and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I know in my heart that our move here will change our lives for the better. Each day I take action to accomplish my goals and make my dreams happen. And all of a sudden, my own words have re-motivated me and weirdly taken me back to a Grade 9 religion project. We had to pick a song and explain what it meant to us. I don’t even know why I chose this song, it wasn’t one I frequently listened to as my 14 year old self. But guys, how great and relate-able is the message here?  ?


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Christmas decor

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