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In the last few months especially, I’ve been drawn to working with Authentic Canadian Brands. Large brands that employ a lot of Canadians, small brands that are killing it, and most importantly, brands that consider ethics and sustainability. It’s so important to shop with a conscious, and it’s so much easier to do that when the brand you buy from gets it.

Telling a Story

What I love best about every aspect of my job, from planning to florals to lifestyle blogging is my ability to tell a story. Client love stories, design stories, Canadian brand stories– I get to help bring them to life. It’s my passion to help others succeed.  Telling a story is selling an ideal; portraying an emotion; setting a tone. I’m able to help people tell the world what it is they want people to know about them.

The Importance of Shopping with Canadian Brands

Aside from the trade war going on between the US and Canada, isn’t it nice to support your own economy? I get it, things are often cheaper in the States, or they have things you can’t as easily find in Canada. A little research goes a long way though. I’ve found SO many amazing brands since I decided to focus on Canadian and ethically made companies. Guys, us Canadians are killing it! Let’s support one another.

Meeting or E-Meeting so Many Great People

I’m certainly not saying there’s not great people who work for or own great companies outside of Canada. However, it’s amazing to meet so many incredible people with their own story to tell within Canada. I love learning about how one person runs a small business or someone who started a small business that grew by the masses, or it’s getting to know brand reps or marketing pros who work for bigger Canadian companies.

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canadian brands



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