2020. A new year, a new decade, a new baby.

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind! Little Miss Norah Anne couldn’t wait to enter the world and made her appearance two weeks early on December 14th.

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Life with a newborn is challenging. It’s adjusting to a new schedule, being at the beck and call of that sweet babe 24/7 and of course recovering from actually giving birth. I am SO grateful that Jordan is home with us during this time.

We are incredibly lucky that the military offers a 9-month Paternity leave for him. Since I am self-employed and my business is so new to Victoria, it made sense for Jordan to be home so I could continue to build and grow my brand.

Working Maternity Leave

I’m on what I call a “working maternity leave”. What’s great about working from home is that I can care for Norah, get my snuggles in, AND work on and in my business.

January to March is going to be a slow, quiet, at-home work period. I’ll be answering emails, sending contracts, working on design proposals, having phone meetings with clients or potential clients and doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work in my business. It’s really no different than what I’d be doing during this season even without the newborn.

What is different is the amount of time it can take me to complete a task now. If it’s nap time, I can accomplish a lot. If it’s not, I’m often breaking up my work with feeding or changing diapers. It’s a glamorous life, I know!


I am so incredibly grateful to have the most wonderful clients. You guys are seriously awesome, patient and the most understanding. Without you and your kindness and grace, this mama-business balancing act would be a LOT harder. So thank you.

What I hope 2020 will look like…

I am so excited for this year! So many amazing weddings, watching Norah grow, and having my husband home to explore with (instead of being away for most of the year like last year).

new year goals

Do more of…

  • Yoga
  • Baby snuggles and quality family time
  • Mini getaways/ Adventures
  • Beach Walks
  • Evening patio fires
  • Luxe bouquets
  • Floral Installations
  • Partial planning + design + floral weddings (my signature service)
  • Book awesome clients
  • Daily walking as a family (w/ Jordan, Ollie & Norah)
  • Better eating ( I was obsessed with sugar while pregnant!)

Overall, I’m hoping to get my body back to how it was feeling before pregnancy. I’m totally okay with it not looking exactly the same (I don’t think my hips are ever going back to where they were), but I do want to feel good in it again! I want to keep up my water intake and eat nutritious foods, for both me and for feeding Norah.

I’ve always said, I work to live not live to work. As much as I truly love my job, it’s a supporting factor in my overall life, and not the only thing in my life. Now that Jordan is home, and we have Norah, I want to make sure we are spending time searching for adventures, taking risks, and showing Norah the kind of family life we both had growing up.

I want to book more signature services (partial + design + florals). This is my sweet spot for weddings. It allows me to give my clients the direction advice they need throughout planning, a design with my aesthetic, and the hand-on floral service I offer without having to take on all the weight of several full planning weddings at one time.


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