Friends, I am so excited to share the brand, Saje Wellness with you! Saje is a Canadian owned and operated company located in Vancouver and Surrey BC. I love working with Canadian companies, especially with all the tax and tariff nonsense going on! We have so many wonderful, impactful companies here in Canada and it’s about time we all start recognizing and supporting them!

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It was only a couple years ago where I started looking into “clean” products. I decided I didn’t want to breathe in the chemicals that are not only added into our cleaning products, but also in our candles, our perfumes and even being absorbed into our skin through beauty products. I too used to not care about this, but then I read that there were hormone disrupters in our everyday beauty products that could be linked to breast cancer and fertility issues. It kind of hit me thinking about all of the women I knew that were having such a hard time getting pregnant. It just made sense. All these companies are using chemicals that disrupt our hormones, and no one was really talking about it. That’s when I downloaded the App “Think Dirty“. It’s a beauty app that lets you scan your current products into the app. It then looks over all the ingredients and tells you how toxic that product is (or isn’t). It also tells you about each ingredient and the problems it’s been linked to.

Anyways, when I discovered Saje Wellness I was so excited! 100% natural, plant-derived products. It’s so much more than an essential oils company. If you’re into natural healing, they have a whole line dedicated to help with headaches, muscle pain, immunity, digestion, PMS, sleep aid, and it goes on! In addition to their oils and diffuser blends, they have a body line, a skincare line and a cleaning line!


You can watch the IGTV video here!



My everyday wellness with Saje

Rise ‘N Shine

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The first thing I like to do in the morning is to take a Saje breath with my energy roller. I roll the oil between my palms, rub them together to open up the scent and I inhale a few slow breaths. It gives me a kick in the pants to get my butt out of be and moving. Energy has such a great scent! It’s a blend of peppermint, rosemary, lemon, bergamot (my fave), and a few others.



rose renewal

The next thing I do in the morning, is head over to my Rose Renewal toning moisturizer.  Avocado, rose and aloe – I mean hello could you have better ingredients for your skin? What I love about rose is the brightening and balancing it provides. My skin is fair which means it can look blotchy or red in some spots. The rose oil helps to create an even skin tone.  I’ve also noticed a lot less random breakouts pop up since I started using it.


saje wellness cleaning


The very first actual activity I do in the morning is make a pot of coffee. Nothing else get’s done until that’s done. While my coffee is brewing, I bust out my Saje Multi Clean so I can wipe down the counters and the sink and start the day off with a clean, amazing smelling kitchen. I love that I can feel good about spraying cleaner and it’s ok if I breathe it in.

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Getting my day started


wellness oils


Before I head over to my desk, I turn on my diffuser with my Saje energy blend. It’s the same blend as the roller, but now I can breathe it in and reap the uplifiting benefits all morning long.


yoga spray

This ^^^. My favourite Saje product. It’s technically a spray for your yoga mat. It’s antibacterial and the smell is heaven to me.  While I do use it for my yoga mat, the most common way I actually use it is to spray down the furniture and fabric items we have at home. With Ollie laying all over our blankets, pillows and chairs that can’t be washed, I like to spray them with the yoga spray to not only make them smell fresh, but to give it a good anti-bacterial cleanse as well.


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Another favourite is this safe-air spray. It works like the Yoga spray, but it’s made for the air. The tea tree oil in it, cleanses the air and really makes it refreshing to breathe.  Other notes are lemon and pine, so really some of my faourite scents. I like to use this in the same way, except I spray it in the air around the house. It makes me feel good knowing the house is just a little bit cleaner.


To end my day

saje wellness stress

If I’ve had a particularly long, hard day, I like to end the day the same way I started it with a Saje breath in bed. Only at night, I use the Stress Relief roller. The lavender, chamomile and orange take away that daunting feeling and help me get a peaceful sleep.


Not my everyday

There are also a few products I have that didn’t make it into the video because they aren’t products I use every day, but still, deserve to be showcased.


cleaning supplies natural

This Spring Clean Home set is wonderful. I’ve mentioned that I use the Multi-clean every day, but I don’t have a tendency to clean my shower or the mirrors/glass in the house every day. (Though I was I was THAT clean, ha!) It’s amazing that these products are natural AND they actually work (and smell amazing!).



I’m kind of lying here, because I guess I actually do use this dish soap every day! It smells amazing and it works! While I’m someone who likes a soap thay gets super sudsy and bubbly, the Saje dish soap doesn’t. Though it saddens me a little, I know that it doesn’t get all sudsy because it’s not full of the chemicals that make it that way. Even though you can’t really see the soap, you can tell it’s there.

And lastly,

saje wellness

I use this a lot, but maybe not everyday. I’m sure you can imagine, as a wedding planner, how stressful my job can be at times. I often have shoulders up to my ears, or at least it feels that way. This kit has been a lifesaver. The peppermint oil relieves my tension headache, the pain release relieves the muscle aches and the Arnica balm reduces inflammation. I use all three together, layered for the best results!

My Saje Wish List

My goal is to slowly transform our home into a Saje home. While I have a great start there are items and products I’m dying to get into our home.



I can’t wait to get a better diffuser for our home. This one here is on my wish list because it has an 11-22 hour run time (my current one is like 4- ha).


saje wellness


I basically want to have a collection of every oil in the home farmacy line so that I have it on hand when an ailment strikes.  This remedy bar would be a great start!


exfoliate saje


I’m obsessed with exfoliation, and this one from Saje looks incredible. I’d love to give it a try!


And pretty much, just give me anything and everything from the body line. I’d take it all!


clean living


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