Firstly, it feels incredibly strange to be talking about how blissful our babymoon was at Long Beach Lodge Resort just 2 weeks ago. Now everything in Tofino is pretty much closed and due to limited resources, accommodations were asked to shut down. It’s surreal.

That being said, there will be an end to this thing. Life will go back to normal. We’ll be able to travel, and buy more than one package of toilet paper at a time, we’ll see friends and plan weddings and do ALL the things.

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Heading to Tofino

Since we’re all about embracing the imperfect over here, let me tell you about how our morning actually went.

Neither Jordan or I slept much that night. The dog was in and out of the bed, shaking his ears, scratching at them and making his noisy collar and tags sing.  That on top of the baby already waking for her normal nursing’s made for a restless night.

We were snappy with each other, neither of us really wanting to spend 4 hours in the car together with the baby AND the dog.

As we packed I grew more and more concerned about Ollie.  He wouldn’t stop with his ears and I noticed how red and sore they were for him.  I was able to get us an appointment at 10:30 that morning.  We delayed our departure and made a pit stop at the vet.  Turns out he had 2 types of bacteria and yeast in his ears.  Poor bub.

To say it was a chaotic morning is an understatement.

Arriving at Long Beach Lodge Resort

I just kept thinking that as soon as we got to the resort, we’d see the ocean and hear the crashing waves and we’d instantly relax.

And we did.

Tofino is such a magical place and Long Beach Lodge Resort is like the extra sparkles on top.

When we arrived there was a sweet little card and chocolate arranged just for us.  I knew instantly the chocolate was from Chocolate Tofino (SO GOOD).

Even though we lugged Ollie’s beds and bowls etc with us, we found a sweet little bed and bowls for him to use set up so nicely by the fire.

Ahh the fire. Can we talk about cozy? In our room we were able to sit by the fire and look out at the ocean at the same time.   I mean, come on.

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The Beach

It was such a beautiful, sunny day so the first thing we did after settling into our room was head to the beach. I bundled Norah up in my Heirloom Carrier and the 4 of us took a walk. I was dying to let Ollie off-leash to see how he would do. Since the beach isn’t crowded and there’s no roads he can escape on to, it was the first space for his first go at it. You guys, he did SO good. He kept running to the water to explore and coming back to us (because we had pockets full of treats, obviously). Occasionally he’d run-up to a lone surfer or walker-byer, but mostly he ran around and did doggie things. I’m a proud mama.

I’ll also note that the beach the lodge resides on is one of my favourite beaches, ever. On our way home we stopped off at a beach in the national park, paid the $20 to go there, and were every disappointed. We should have just stayed a little longer at the resort and walked the beach there.

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Dogs at the Lodge

One thing I really love about the lodge is that you CAN leave your dogs in the room unattended. Some hotels that allow dogs don’t let you leave your pup. That makes it really hard to actually do anything when you go away. We would have had to eat every meal in our room, and what fun would that be?

All of the rooms with dogs are placed together, so you know the person next to you understands if your dog does happen to bark. We obviously don’t know if Ollie made any noise while we were gone, but we closed the blinds and turned the TV on and had no complaints.

Rainy Days

Our one full day in Tofino was a rainy one. I mean, it’s the rainforest so it was expected. If it were just Jordan and I, the rain wouldn’t have stopped us from going out, but since we had little Norah, we took advantage of the rainy day and stayed inside. I talked about the beds at Long Beach Lodge Resort when I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure if it was so comfy because I was pregnant and sore and tired or if they were really bomb beds. I’ve made the decision that they are really bomb beds.

While Norah napped in her pack n’ play, we lazed around in our bed, watching the waves and basking in the heat from the fire. It may not have been the most adventurous trip to Tofino but it was so relaxing and exactly what we needed as new parents.


What We Ate

On our first night in Tofino, we decided to stay in and dine at the lodge. We brought Norah in her stroller, thinking she might sleep. She did not, and I ended up holding her while Jordan and I both ate the burger. Jordan said it was one of the best burgers he’s ever had.

Breakfast in The Great Room is a little bit magical. You see, at night, the food is good, but it’s dark so you can’t see the view. But in the morning, there’s floor-to-ceiling windows of the best beach view. You can watch people surf, dogs chasing other dogs and kids running around. And then, of course, there’s the food. SO yummy.

kid friendly tofino

For some reason, both mornings we headed to The Great Room, Norah was not having it. As soon as we walked into the room, she would cry. Jordan got a table and I bounced her around to settle her. Something I really appreciated was being told by the server that it’s ok if she cried and not to worry about it. They are a family resort and everyone understands. It just made me feel so much better knowing we were truly welcome even though we had a crying baby (who did eventually settle by the way.)

We also attended the Happy Hour that they put on in The Great Room.  Great prices on cocktails and on menu items.

For dinner, we ventured out to Shelter. Mostly because I was craving their crispy chicken sandwich. SO GOOD.

To Wrap It Up

Long Beach Lodge Resort has quickly and easily become one of my favourite places in the whole world. Their attention to detail is incredible. They go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and to make guests feel like they are at a home away from home. If you’re looking to go to Tofino for any reason in the future, I would 1000% recommend LBL resort to you.  Whether you are traveling for a relaxing getaway like our post-babymoon or you’re planning a wedding or a honeymoon, the staff will make your experience personalized to you.



Last but not least, Long Beach Lodge Resort is hosting a giveaway to use when they reopen!

•3 nights in a Rainforest Cottage for you and 3 friends at Long Beach Lodge Resort.
•A guided Marine Adventure Tour for 4 through Clayoquot Sound with Captain Josh or Surf Lesson/Rentals for 4 with our Surf Club Crew.
•3 Happy Hour meals and drinks for 4 people in the Great Room.

•Follow @longbeachlodgeresort
•Tag 3 friends who you’d like to “Return To Paradise” with.

Must-Read Info
•Contest closes at Midnight on Thursday, March 26th.
•Instagram Winner will be selected at random and announced Friday, March 27th, 2020 at noon via Instagram Story.
•Must be 19 years of age to win.
•The winner can choose up to 3 additional guests.
•Winner must provide their own transportation to Tofino.
•Standard blackout dates will apply.
•Booking is based on availability.
•Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.


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