So you’d actually like to enjoy your wedding? I’m sure you’ve heard people tell you how quickly the wedding day goes by. There’s so much going on it can be hard to just stay in each moment. When Jordan and I reflect back on our wedding day, we feel like we didn’t really get a chance to talk to anyone. The way the day went by, and our big issues with one of our vendors, we barely even had a moment to breathe, nevermind actually spend time with our guests. With all of the planning you put into your wedding day, you should be able to not only enjoy your wedding but take the time to savor each moment.

enjoy your wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, think about including or making time for these 5 things to enjoy your wedding day and ensure it runs as smoothly as possible, leaving you to actually enjoy the day.


  1. Schedule in way more than enough time in the morning. If your morning getting ready time runs behind you’re going to be stressed and feel like your entire day is off. If your makeup artist and hair person say it’s going to take them 3 hours to finish off your wedding party, schedule in 4 or even 5 hours! Yes, really! That way even if your hair and makeup is complete, you can actually spend time with your girls, relaxing and enjoying the morning or if your photographer is there you can sneak in even more photos with them.
  2. Schedule in a moment for you and your fiance to be alone together. Pour a glass of champagne and savor the fact that you’re either about to get married or you just were. It may be the on;y time you really have together all day, and for sure the only time you have alone.


  1. Consider a first-look option. When you have a first-look photo, it allows you to get all of your photos out of the way before your ceremony. That means you can actually attend your cocktail hour. Attending your cocktail hour means you can go around and chat with all of your guests before the wedding starts. It gives you that extra time to spend with friends and family, plus you actually get to eat all of the amazing food choices you picked out.
  2. Aim to have all of your planning, DIY items, vendors notified, etc complete 1 week before the wedding. This way you aren’t heading into your wedding week super stressed about all of the things you have to do. Instead can enjoy that week, slowly and calmly which will also allow you to go into your wedding day more calmly.


  1. Hire a wedding planner. Of course, I would suggest this and honestly, hiring a planner who has experience and knows how to deal with issues or unforeseen problems that arise will make all of the difference in your happiness on your wedding day. I wrote about why I myself wish I hired a day-of coordinator to deal with our crappy vendor. Instead, Jordan and I were left to deal with him. All we wanted to do was spend that time mingling with our guests.


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enjoy your wedding day

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