About Botanica & Bloom – Victoria Wedding Planner

Botanica & Bloom is much more than a lifestyle brand – it is a Victoria wedding planner, design and floral company for free-spirited, wild-at-heart, barefoot brides who stop to smell the flowers. Botanica & Bloom is for those who admire simplicity and appreciate the art-of-gathering. Our brides have a desire for a streamlined, stress-free planning process and a flawlessly executed once-in-a-lifetime-celebration.

At the center of Botanica & Bloom is the joy in life’s celebrations. The soul of the company is intimate and lively. When Botanica & Bloom is involved in an event, guests will feel as if they were invited to a gorgeous dinner party overflowing with great conversation, artistic floral interpretations, exceptional food and curated details.

As a Victoria Wedding planner, Botanica & Bloom’s one mission is to create a wedding that is effortlessly unique to you. Your celebration should resonate with elements close to your heart and personality. Through unparalleled service, personal design and intentional detail, any event Botanica & Bloom works on is not only unforgettable, but meticulously tailored to you.

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About Meagan

Serendipitously, the wedding industry has always managed to sneak into my life, regardless of my line of work.

In a perfect world, my dream was to work as a pastry chef. To be the person that always smells like vanilla and spends her days decorating elaborate wedding cakes. Dedicated to this dream, I enrolled in a semester of a half-day culinary arts class and a full-day co-op at one of the top bakeries in my area. After dipping my toes into the world of food, I decided the culinary industry was better kept as a dream. While I still love to create art in the kitchen through food (and eat it even more), the process of cooking for others professionally was less glamourous that I imagined. Instead, I enrolled in business school.

The artistic streak remained in my blood long after I left my wedding cake fantasy, which led me to the world of hair and makeup. I found success by running a mobile HM&U business, but still wanted to become more involved in the technicalities of a wedding day.

Since I became certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada in 2012, I’ve been passionately planning and designing weddings. In 2015, I took a leap and added floral design to my repertoire. Not only can I now design the weddings, but I can enhance my relationship with clients by providing the perfect floral arrangement for each bride’s personality.

In 2017, I started writing my musings and knowledge through my lifestyle blog to add intentional and interesting content to my brand. While not always directly related to a traditional wedding day, the content relates to my client’s lifestyle and celebrations of life milestones and gathering.

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