If you tend to follow along, you may have noticed a lot less new content being put into the world lately. It’s also highly possible you haven’t noticed at all, because you know, you’re busy with your own life, ha!

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The Truth

But the truth is, I’ve been writing and creating a lot less new content. It’s not because it’s wedding season and I’ve been busy. Though I have, this first season here in Victoria ended shaping up rather nicely. The honest reason is that I just haven’t been clear about what I wanted to write about.

You see, I took a step back to evaluate what was working and what wasn’t working. The thing I knew for sure is that I needed to put 100% focus on building my business up here in Victoria. That meant taking a step back from recipe and lifestyle posts and re-evaluating every piece of copy that came from Botanica and Bloom.

As much as I love to bake, in the end, are people going to hire me because I can whip up a mean French Baguette or Host an Awesome Brunch at home?

Brand Values

I was torn because I do believe those things contribute to the brand values of Botanica and Bloom, but are they leading to sales? So I put them on hold.  As a reader and potential client, do you understand how the slow process of baking bread and hosting dinner parties defines what Botanica and Bloom stands for? Do you care? Those are the questions I ask myself when hoping to deliver the right, authentic message to you.

And so, I’ve been at what feels like a stand-still, unsure of which direction to pursue.

The future

I can see so clearly where I want to be personally and where I want Botanica and Bloom to be in 10 years. But truthfully, 5 years is a little fuzzy and 1 year from now is even more difficult to map out. That’s likely because a lot of my goals are #longgamegoals. I know they aren’t going to happen overnight. I also don’t see my life drastically changing in only 1 year from now, other than having a brand new baby of course.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and content with life, the way my business is steadily growing, and this new place we call home. I’m looking so forward to figuring out life with a new baby and then toddler at home. But at the same time, it’s okay to want more. It’s ok to have bigger dreams, to want to help more people, to make more money, to do different things and to do the same things differently.


And that leads me to set my third-quarter goals. Because it may still be summer, but I can feel fall coming on. And truthfully I’m so ready for it. I’m ready for the season to change, sweaters and incense, blankets and coziness and most of all, the feeling of a refresh.

Third-Quarter Goals

When I set my goals, I look at my current wants and needs, my ideal day, and my ideal future lifestyle. I think back over the past year. What worked well for me and made me the happiest, most productive version of myself? What didn’t work? Should I say ‘yes’ to more of this and ‘no’ to more of that? Ultimately, what matters most to me? What’s the one thing I want to work towards?

In One Sentence

In one sentence, the ONE thing I’m working towards is becoming that future version of myself that I can see so clearly. I mean, that’s kind of vague, I know. But when I think about that person, that lifestyle, the home we live in, what we’re doing in our spare time, the work I’m creating, I know the steps I need to take to get there. Working backward, I ask myself what habits I need to create, what I need to get better at, what I may need to change, etc to live that life.

And so, some (not all) of my goals for the final part of this year are:

  1. Plan and action a morning routine.

    Why: Because this sets me up for the day and reminds me of my goals so I stay on track. I feel the most productive when I have a morning routine.
    Action Steps:
    1 – List out things that make me feel like my day is off to a good start
    2- List these out in order of how I want to do them each day
    3- Do them!

  2. Journaling and Gratitude

    Why: When I write down my thoughts I feel like I have a clearer, more intentional day. Noticing the small things I am grateful for makes me a happier person who is more likely to see more good and positivity each day.
    Action Steps:
    1- Decide on when to add this to my routine.
    2- Do it!

  3. Creating non-negotiables for work.. must do no matter whats, like blogging, pinterest, etc each week

    Why: Because otherwise I fall behind and get out of my routine and feel lost and still.
    Action Steps:
    1- Figure out the most important tasks that need to be consistently done to get my business where I want it to be.
    2- Implement them into my routines.

  4. Keep a tidy house

    Why: Because it’s mentally draining to live in a messy house and my future self never has clutter around her.
    Actions Steps:
    1- Implement non-negotiables for cleaning each day
    a) sweeping/vaccuum
    b) no dishes left in sink
    c)wipe sink and counters
    d) do a load of laundry and finish by putting away.

  5. Prepare for Baby’s arrival

    Why: Because the baby is coming in the next few months and we should be prepared for that (lol).
    Action Steps:
    1- Do research on prenatal classes
    2- Read articles
    3- Finish nursery
    4- Plan Baby shower(s)
    5- Complete shopping list of things we need/want to have 
    6- Move office into section of the living room

Those are 5 out of 10 goals I have planned for the final part of this year. The other 5 goals are super business-oriented/ specific or are personal goals or future projects I’m not ready to share about quite yet! The important thing is, every one of these 10 goals leads directly to my ‘one thing”.

Are you creating goals for this last quarter of the year? Do we share any goals? I’d love to hear some of yours!


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